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Sponsor to help Feed a Woodland Veteran for as little as $20 per week.


During the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Shelter-in-Place Order, many of our senior Woodland Veterans and immunocompromised Veterans have been affected with limited access to grocery stores, the public & meal assistance programs. 


Feed our Woodland Vet's goal is to help deliver consistent, weekly, hand made nutritious meals.  Each meal delivery consists of 4-6 portions of a lasagna, casserole or dinner and can be eaten throughout the week or frozen for later.

Help us to Feed our Woodland Vets by:
-Liking & Sharing this Website, Go Fund Me & Video
-Volunteering to safely deliver meals
-Sponsoring a Veteran



A $20 sponsorship provides one Meal Delivery for one Veteran for one week.  For a sponsorship of only $80 you can help provide one Meal for one Veteran per week for one Month. A $240 sponsorship can provide one Meal for one Veteran per week for 3 Months.

Currently this is a meal assistance program born out of necessity during the Corona Virus Shelter in Place Orders. Our Goal is to build this program to be a permanent service for our Woodland Vets in conjunction with the Yolo Post 77 American Legion.

To Sign up a Veteran in need of temporary or permanent meal assistance, please email: Mojo428@yahoo.com to apply. 


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